freezer locker


The term locker may refer to one of the following:

  • Various kinds of storage compartment or container, some varying widely; the most common kind of locker, as found in staffrooms or locker rooms, is described in Locker (cabinet).
  • A storage unit in a self-storage establishment is sometimes referred to as a locker or storage locker, although "storage unit" is probably the more formal, and more accurate term: such a unit is typically the size of a small room or large closet, and not much like a locker as that term is commonly understood.
  • A footlocker may be referred to simply as a locker (probably less properly), although it is more like a trunk or chest (see also "Trunk" in Luggage).
  • In nautical usage, the term "locker" may be applied to storage places that in other environments would not be referred to as lockers, such as cupboards on board ships for keeping stores, anchor lockers, and so on.
  • A locking differential.
  • A performer of locking, such as a member of The Lockers.
  • (Less commonly) a person or thing that locks or unlocks something (e.g., one of a janitor's duties might be described as that of a locker of doors and windows).


Individuals with the surname "Locker":

See also Lockyer.

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