Frazzle is the only Muppet monster intended to be "scary", in the children's television series Sesame Street. During the late-1980s to early-1990s, his career was limited to that of a background extra, due to his intimidating appearance.

With the exception of one episode, Frazzle always talks in babyish monster sounds. This leaves his age in question, as he holds an unknown occupation that requires business travelling.

Frazzle debuted in season three of Sesame Street, 1971, in a Guy Smiley game show called Beat the Time. Frazzle led a band called The Frazzletones, backed up by Maurice Monster.

In a strange 1993 episode, Frazzle talked. Despite being a resident of the Sesame Street borough of New York City, he tries to get a room at The Furry Arms. However, the hoteliers refuse to book him a room, as he has a pet human with him. Frazzle protests, exclaiming "Well, it's just not fair! What am I supposed to do, leave little Pickles at home when I'm travelling on business? Come, Pickles, we'll go to another hotel!"

Frazzle was originally just the Tall Orange Anything Muppet, used in other segments of the show, essentially with a furry costume on, to turn the Anything Muppet into a monster. In 2001, Frazzle was finally built as an actual, proper Muppet monster.

He has had the hit Song "Frazzle" with his band the frazzletones. He has also appeared in the songs: "Fuzzy and Blue (and orange)", "The Loveable Monsters of Sesame Street", and "Be kind to your neighbourhood monsters".

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