.hack//frägment is a multiplayer online game based on the fictional MMORPG portrayed in the .hack franchise. It was made as a joint project by Bandai and CyberConnect2. It was released in Japan on November 23 2005. The online service for .hack//frägment was terminated at the end of November 2006, when the servers were taken offline.

Character Design

.hack//frägment's character design is extremely limited when compared to other MMO games. Players have a choice of name, the class of their character, one of six premade bodies (male and female) in large, medium, and small sizes, and several preset color schemes.


Once you have created your character, players may enter a lobby and search for up to two other players to join them on an adventure. The maximum party size in .hack//frägment is three, just like previous installments of the .hack video game series. The game includes an extended online interface that allows players to chat, send e-mail, post to an in-game BBS, and receive server news updates. The email inbox is restricted to only 50 messages, however, so once the number of emails exceeds 50, the game will automatically start deleting old messages. It is also possible to establish individual chat rooms, separate from the public-access ones. When everyone logs out of a chat room, the chat room will be eliminated automatically.


Offline mode allows players to level up, obtain items, learn new skills, etc. as one of their online mode characters, without the need for an internet connection. This is essentially 'solo' mode, as the lack of online play prevents players from meeting other player characters.


When a guild is established, its members have access to an exclusive chat room and the ability to open a private guild shop. Both guild members and non guild members can browse these shops at will. The prices charged for each item sold is entirely the choice of the shop owner. Guilds can be established at any time, providing the guild creator possesses a certain rare item.

Dungeon Creation

Players have the ability to create their own areas and dungeons and make them available online. This is done with a PC utility called 'HackServer', which is freely available to all players. Uploaded dungeons are viewable and playable by all online players. Each player dungeon has a popularity rank associated with it, and, if a dungeon becomes popular enough, the creator is allowed to add stronger monsters for players to defeat.


  • There is no PvP mode available.
  • Bandai announced at E3 2006 that there will be no U.S. release for frägment.
  • The title of the game is a reference to Fragment, the beta version of The World. The protagonist of .hack//AI buster was a member of this beta.

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