Mini Graff

Mini Graff is a New Zealand born, Sydney-based street artist who works in and around the city's urban fringe. The streets and inhabitants of the area provide the content and impetus for her work.

Her installations celebrate the urban environs and inhabitants, incorporating skylines, portraits and aerial views / attempts to confound its harshness with silhouetted landscapes/forests evoking natural, open spaces.

Mini Graff assists local councils with using street art to foster a sense of community. She leads workshops for local young people where they learn how to create and apply stencils. The workshops end with the attendees painting council approved public spaces. This process leads to a sense of ownership of, and respect for, public spaces and contributes to a reduction in random tagging and an increase in the quality of local street art.

Mini Graff is featured in the video for Deepchild's song Blackness of the Sea.


Mini Graff's primary medium is handcut stencils transferred with aerosol paint or daubed with sponges. Her installations range from single colour, single stencil works to multiple stencils and colours incorporating 3D elements such as handcut butterflies, plastic figures of people and model houses.

Depending on the nature and exposure of the site, Mini Graff also pre-prints onto paper, stickers and wallpaper, and hangs them in the place of painted stencils.

Mini Graff's recent work has expanded into exploring colour and abstract patterns using brightly coloured adhesive vinyl strips to draw pedestrians' attention to common street structures. Her work demonstrates how a simple treatment applied to an object rendered invisible by familiarity, such as a sign post, can return it to our awareness.


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  • Box Street II, September 2005, Darlinghurst, Australia
  • Box Street I, September 2003, Darlinghurst, Australia

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