peine forte et dure

peine forte et dure(French; “strong and hard punishment”)

Formerly in English law, punishment inflicted on those accused of a felony who refused to enter a plea. By a statute of 1275, the peine was usually to imprison and starve the prisoner until he submitted; in 1406 pressing by heavy weights was added to this. In one of the few instances of its use in the American colonies, during the Salem witch trials, 80-year-old Giles Corey, who had decided not to stand trial rather than forfeit his family's goods, was pressed to death by interrogators. The practice was abolished in 1772.

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Forte/Forté may refer to:

  • Forte, an individual's strongest talent or greatest strength ("Preparing gourmet cuisine is his forte")
  • Forte (music), a musical dynamic meaning "loudly" or "strong"
  • Forte (fencing), a fencing term for the "strong" part of the blade
  • Trust House Forte, a British hotel and catering firm


Forte/Forté is a human surname of:

Fictional characters

In some fictional stories, writers choose to use fanciful words such as Forte or Forté as given names. Characters with such names include:


  • FORTE (satellite), the Fast On-orbit Rapid Recording of Transient Events satellite
  • Forte 4GL, a proprietary application server
  • Forté Agent, an email and news client used on the Windows operating system
  • Forte TeamWare, a family of development environments from Sun Microsystems


  • Forte Land, a large-scale real estate company in Shanghai, China
  • Forte Group, a former British hotel company

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