Hotel Formule 1

Hotel Formule 1 is an international chain of "super low budget" or "no frills" hotels owned by the Accor Group. Rooms are sold at around €29 per night.

There are in excess of 380 hotels in 13 countries worldwide. As with Etap, most are located in France.

Formule 1 in Europe and Brazil

The rooms are very basic and whitewashed. The rooms typically each contain a little desk, a television (with cable and international channels dependent on location), a double bed or a double bed with a bunk above, and a sink. There is no toilet or shower in the room; bathing facilities are communal.

Toilets and showers are self-cleaned after every use. As with most hotels in this price range the doors and hotel entrances in Europe have coded locks cutting out the cost of the keys and replacing lost keys.

In Brazil there is a toilet and a shower in the room. The toilets and showers are cleaned daily by hotel employees.

Formula 1 in South Africa

Formule 1 Hotels in South Africa are known as Hotel Formula 1

South African locations have in-suite shower and toilet facilities

Formule 1 in Australia and New Zealand

The Formule 1 hotels in Australia and New Zealand are more akin to the Etap hotels found in Europe, in that the rooms have their own showers and toilets rather than communal arrangements. Another difference lies in the use of magnetic cards to allow entry rather than coded locks. Some locations offer the choice of a room with either a double bed with a bunk above; two singles with a bunk above; or a queen bed with a set of two bunks. The hotels operate in the budget end of the market, with prices ranging from approximately A$69 to A$119 per night.

Formule 1 in Japan

As of 2007, both Formule 1 locations in Japan (Numazu and Isesaki) have private toilets and showers

Communal facilities

All Formule 1 Hotels have a breakfast area and a reception desk which is only manned between 0630 and 0930 (0730 and 1030 on weekends and bank holidays) and then 1700 and 2100 although variations by country do occur. Outside of reception hours, automatic vending machines allow access via credit or debit card.

In the bedroom areas (which are colour coded as red, yellow, orange and purple) in European locations, each coloured zone has a communal shower and toilet. Hotels in Japan, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia have private toilets and showers.





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