Formidable is the soundtrack to the show performed at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France by American singer La Toya Jackson. Only 3,000 copies were pressed and it has become one of the most sought-after albums by La Toya's fans.

La Toya was the main attraction at the Moulin Rouge for four months, at which point she broke her contract and was fined $550,000 by the owners of Moulin Rouge.

Track listing

  1. "Les Doriss Girls"
  2. "Les Touristes"
  3. "Formidable"*
  4. "Paris En Rose"
  5. "A Paris, Les Femmes Ressemblent A Des Fleurs"*
  6. "Les Garçons Du Desert"*
  7. "Le Marche"
  8. "Les Filles Aux Serpents"
  9. "Night Club"*
  10. "Les Crocodiles"
  11. "Les Tapis Volants"*
  12. "La Fontaine Lumineuse"*
  13. "Allons A L'Opera"
  14. "Valses De Vienne"
  15. "French Cancan"
  16. "La Danse Nouvelle - Jeanne Avril Et Bruant"*
  17. "Une Pensee Pour Maurice"
  18. "Un Clin D'ceil A Josephine"
  19. "Locomotion"*
  20. French Meddley*
  21. "Grand Final Blanc Et Rouge - Formidable"*

An asterisk (*) notates songs where La Toya performed.


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