[fawr-shad-oh, fohr-]

This article is about the Polish record label "Foreshadow". For the literary device, see foreshadowing. For the fictional starship on the sci-fi television show LEXX, see Foreshadow (LEXX).

Foreshadow is a Polish record label specializing in releasing and selling such genres of music as metal, rock, ambient, sludge, industrial, etc.

In the past, the label professional CD-R format and, back then, the roster included such artists as Nadja, Moss, Váli, Quercus, Oktor, As All Die, Niko Skorpio, Transcendent Device, The River and others. Starting from 2005 the label released its albums on normal pro-replicated CD format. Current artisst include Dream System, Newbreed and Nadja.

Besides running the label, the company boasts a fully operational on-line shop with constantly growing number of releases from labels all over the world.

The company's slogan, which reads '"dance!", is the best illustration of its independent nature and attitude of keeping away from mainstream music.

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