Forecast: Tomorrow

Forecast: Tomorrow is a 3-CD/1-DVD career-spanning compilation of recordings of Weather Report. The 37 CD tracks are presented chronologically, beginning with three tracks pre–Weather Report, from ensemble duties with Miles Davis (both Zawinul and Shorter), Cannonball Adderley (Zawinul), and from a Shorter solo album. In addition to a few unreleased and live tracks, the set closes with DJ Logic's remix of a Weather Report track.

The 4th disc in the package is a 2-hour DVD of a concert in Offenbach, Germany, on September 28, 1978. The boxed set includes a 100-page book with notes on the set by compiler Bob Belden, a long essay on the band by Hal Miller, and a reminiscence of the 1978 concert by drummer Peter Erskine.

CD Track listing

Disc One
Track Title Composer Track Length Year Recorded Original Release
"In a Silent Way" J. Zawinul 4:17 1969 In a Silent Way, Miles Davis
"Super Nova" W. Shorter 4:48 1969 Super Nova, Wayne Shorter
"Experience in E Major" (Excerpt) J. Zawinul 5:42 1970 Domination, Cannonball Adderley
"Milky Way" W. Shorter/J. Zawinul 2:31 1971 Weather Report
"Tears" W. Shorter 3:23 1971 Weather Report
"Eurydice" (Full Version) W. Shorter 10:44 1971 Weather Report
"Orange Lady" J. Zawinul 8:42 1971 Weather Report
"Unknown Soldier" J. Zawinul 7:58 1971 I Sing the Body Electric
"Directions" (Take 1) J. Zawinul 5:29 1971 first release
"Surucucu" W. Shorter 8:19 1972 Live in Tokyo, I Sing the Body Electric
"Second Sunday in August" J. Zawinul 4:12 1972 I Sing the Body Electric
"125th Street Congress" J. Zawinul 12:14 1973 Sweetnighter
Disc Two
Track Title Composer Track Length Year Recorded Original Release
"Nubian Sundance" (Live) W. Shorter 13:05 1974 First Release
"Blackthorn Rose" W. Shorter 5:01 1974 Mysterious Traveller
"Badia" J. Zawinul 5:21 1975 Tale Spinnin'
"Cannon Ball" J. Zawinul 4:38 1976 Black Market
"Black Market" J. Zawinul 6:33 1976 Black Market
"Three Clowns" W. Shorter 3:24 1976 Black Market
"Havona" J. Pastorius 6:01 1976 Heavy Weather
"Birdland" J. Zawinul 5:58 1976 Heavy Weather
"Palladíum" W. Shorter 4:47 1976 Heavy Weather
"The Pursuit of the Woman With the Feathered Hat" J. Zawinul 5:03 1978 Mr. Gone
"The Orphan" W. Shorter/ J. Zawinul 3:17 1979 8:30
"Sightseeing" W. Shorter 5:35 1979 8:30
Disc Three
Track Title Composer Track Length Year Recorded Original Release
"Dream Clock" J. Zawinul 6:28 1980 Night Passage
"Three Views of a Secret" J. Pastorius 5:53 1980 Night Passage
"Port of Entry" (Live) W. Shorter 5:08 1980 Night Passage
"Dara Factor Two" J. Zawinul/W. Shorter/J. Pastorius/P. Erskine/R. Thomas 4:27 1981 Weather Report (1982)
"Procession" J. Zawinul 8:42 1982 Procession
"Plaza Real" W. Shorter 5:28 1982 Procession
"The Well" W. Shorter 3:57 1982 Procession
"D-Flat Waltz" J. Zawinul 11:12 1984 Domino Theory
"Domino Theory" J. Zawinul 6:10 1984 Domino Theory
"Predator" W. Shorter 5:20 1984 Domino Theory
"Face on the Barroom Floor" W. Shorter 3:58 1985 Sportin' Life
"Indiscretions" J. Zawinul 4:06 1985 Sportin' Life
"125th Street Congress (DJ Logic Remix)" J. Zawinul 5:04 1973/2005 First Release

Personnel for the Offenbach Concert

DVD Track listing

  1. Black Market (Zawinul)
  2. Scarlet Woman (Johnson/Zawinul/Shorter)
  3. Young and Fine (Zawinul)
  4. The Pursuit of the Woman With the Feathered Hat (Zawinul)
  5. A Remark You Made (Zawinul)
  6. River People (Pastorius)
  7. Thanks for the Memories (Rainger/Robin)
  8. Delores/Portrait of Tracy/Third Stone from the Sun (Shorter)/(Pastorius)/(Hendrix)
  9. Mr. Gone (Zawinul)
  10. In a Silent Way (Zawinul)
  11. Waterfall (Zawinul)
  12. Teen Town (Pastorius)
  13. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good/The Midnight Sun Will Never Set on You (Ellington/Webster)/(Burke/Hampton/Mercer)
  14. Birdland (Zawinul)
  15. Introductions
  16. Fred & Jack (Erskine)
  17. Elegant People (Shorter)
  18. Badia (Zawinul)

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