for peanuts

Working for Peanuts

Working for Peanuts is a 1953 animated short produced by Walt Disney. It is notable for being one of their first shorts filmed in 3-D. (The first was Adventures in Music: Melody, which was released several months before.)

In 2006, it was re-mastered for Digital 3-D purposes using Real D Cinema technology and re-released in 2007 along with the Disney Digital 3-D version of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Meet the Robinsons.

Working for Peanuts was also showcased a number of times at the Disney theme parks and was used as a teaser 3-D cartoon at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom, which showcased a 3-D movie, Magic Journeys, that was sponsored by Kodak.

Plot summary

While collecting acorns, Chip and Dale discover a peanut that had been thrown from the nearby zoo. At the zoo, guests feed, and Donald Duck takes care of, Dolores the elephant. Chip and Dale try to steal peanuts from the elephant, but their theft is discovered.

Chip and Dale cover themselves in whitewash and successfully convince Donald that they belong in an albino chipmunk exhibit at the zoo, where they are fed peanuts.



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