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Duck family

For the scientific family that includes ducks, see Anatidae.

The Duck family is a fictional family created by The Walt Disney Company. Its best known member is Donald Duck.

Duck family members featured in Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree

Pintail Duck

Pintail Duck first appeared in the story called Back to Long Ago which first appeared in Uncle Scrooge #16. In that story it was revealed that he and his friend Matey Malcolm McDuck buried a treasure of potatoes for Captain Loyal Hawk of The Falcon Rover. He drowned three days later and was reborn as his descendant Donald Duck.

Don Rosa used Pintail in his version of The Donald Duck Family Tree, as the oldest Duck Family member on the tree.

Humperdink Duck

Humperdink "Dabney" Duck is the late husband of Grandma Duck (Elvira Coot) and grandfather of Donald Duck. He worked as a farmer in Duckburg. He was the father of three children: Quackmore, Daphne, and Eider Duck. Humperdink Duck appears in person in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and has been referred to in a few other stories.

Grandma Duck

Elvira "Grandma Duck" Coot is the Duck family matriarch, the grandmother of Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander. In most stories, she is simply referred to as Grandma Duck. Grandma Duck was introduced to the Disney comic universe by Al Taliaferro in the newspaper comic strips - as a picture in 1940, in person in 1943. Taliaferro found inspiration for her in his own mother-in-law, Donnie M. Wheaton.

Quackmore Duck

Quackmore Duck was born in Duckburg, Calisota, United States on 1875 to Humperdink Duck and Elvira Coot. From an early age it was obvious he had a very nasty temper. He worked in his parents' farm till 1902 when he met Hortense McDuck and they became engaged. He started working for her brother Scrooge McDuck.

By 1908 he was helping Hortense and her sister Matilda McDuck run their brother's empire as Scrooge's chief accountant, mainly because Scrooge thought that as a possible heir he would probably work hard and stay honest. In 1920 he finally married Hortense and later in the same year became the father of twins: Donald and Della.

He remained the chief accountant till 1930 when a fight between Scrooge and his family ended all relationships between them. Quackmore retired and it is believed he died sometimes around 1950, although his exact date of death and death place are still unknown.

Daphne Duck

Daphne Duck, according to Don Rosa's story "The Sign of The Triple Distelfink", is the daughter of Humperdink Duck and Elvira Coot. On the day of her birth, a traveling worker painted a giant sign of The Triple Distelfink on her parents' stable. The symbol was supposed to bring the baby luck, and it did: Daphne was always incredibly lucky.

She worked in her parents' farm until at least 1902. Later, she stopped working and started living on the things she won in contests.

She married Goosetave Gander and on 1920 became the mother of Gladstone Gander. The child was born on her birthday and under the protection of the same symbol as his mother.

Another character called Daphne Duck appears as the wife of Daffy Duck in a handful 1960s' Looney Tunes shorts. Like Honey Bunny, she is a female version of Daffy, and is voiced by Mel Blanc.

Eider Duck

Eider Duck was first mentioned in August 1944 in the story "The Fighting Falcon" by Carl Barks. In this story, Donald receives a falcon as a present by his uncle Eider who does not live in Duckburg. Barks never mentioned Eider again but Don Rosa decided to include him in his Duck Family Tree.

According to Rosa, Eider is the son of Humperdink Duck and Elvira Coot. As of 1902, he worked on his parents' farm. He later married Lulubelle Loon and became the father of at least two sons, Abner and Fethry.

Donald Duck

Della Thelma Duck

Della Thelma Duck/Dumbella Duck was first mentioned in a newspaper comic strip on October 17, 1937.

She was the daughter of Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck. According to comics writer Don Rosa, Della was "born" around 1920. Her twin brother is Donald Duck; she is also the mother of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.

The identity of the boys' father is something of a mystery, as he is hidden by a bird and several branches on Disney comics artist Don Rosa's family tree. Very little is known about him. It was revealed in an early comic strip that Mr. Duck was sent to the hospital because Huey, Dewey and Louie placed a firecracker under his armchair as a prank, with disastrous results. It was because of this incident that Della (or "Dumbella" as she was called in the theatrical cartoon that introduced the nephews) sent her sons to her brother, Donald Duck. While originally meant to be a one-month stay, the nephews wound up staying with Donald permanently; the reasons for this are unknown.

She is mentioned in the series PKNA, when Urk asks Duck Avanger (Donald Duck) whether he has a sister, Donald Duck answered yes (PKNA # 24).

In one Donald adventure, Donald Duck dresses up in a long, red wig and notes how much he looks like his sister . Several stories written by Rosa also show Della as a child, alongside her brother Donald.

Gladstone Gander

Gladstone Gander, son of Daphne and Goosetave Gander.

Fethry Duck

Abner "Whitewater" Duck

Abner Duck (nicknamed Whitewater) was created by Carl Barks and used only in his story "Log Jockey", published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #268 on December, 1962. According to that story, he is Donald Duck's distant cousin, and works as a lumberjack in the woods.

On Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree he is shown as a son of Eider Duck and Lulubelle Loon and the brother of Fethry Duck, making him Donald's cousin. In his second and last appearance in a story, "Smarter Than The Toughies" (published in the USA in Uncle Scrooge #349) by Lars Jensen and Daniel Branca, he is instead shown as the nephew of Scrooge McDuck's cousin Douglas McDuck, making him Donald's second cousin.

Lulubelle Loon

Lulubelle Loon is the wife of Eider Duck. She has appeared on Don Rosa's Duck family tree but she hasn't appeared anywhere else. She is also the mother of Fethry Duck and Abner Duck.

Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck

Other Ducks

Ducks that, for various reasons, did not appear in Rosa's tree.

Daisy Duck

April, May, and June Duck

Dickie Duck

Dickie Duck (Paperetta Yè-Yè in Italian) is a fictional character from the Scrooge McDuck universe created by Romano Scarpa. She was introduced as Goldie O'Gilt's granddaughter. But in one story by Romano Scarpa she is said to be Huey, Dewey and Louie's cousin. She has become popular in Italy, Denmark, Brazil and some other countries, while she is almost unknown in the USA and others.

Goldie dropped Dickie off because she could not take care of her anymore. She was left in the care of Scrooge McDuck.

Sometimes she worked as a reporter for Brigitta McBridge or for Scrooge's little known brother Gideon McDuck.

In Brazil she appeared in her own series with her friends Neptunia, Olivia, Walter, and Beckett in a series of stories titled Os Adolescentes (translated loosely from Portuguese to The Teenagers) as a bonus story in Ze Carioca (a comic book starring José Carioca). The connection between Goldie and Dickie is generally ignored since they only made one appearance together.

Dugan Duck

Dugan Duck is Fethry Duck's nephew who seems to be a little bit younger than Huey, Dewey and Louie. In Italy he is known as Pennino; in Brazil, as Biquinho, and in Denmark as Pjuske. Unless Fethry and Abner have other siblings not shown on Don Rosa's family tree, the only way for Dugan to be Fethry's nephew is that he's Abner's son.

Moby Duck

Moby Duck was created by writer Vic Lockman and illustrator Tony Strobl in 1967. He first appeared in Donald Duck #112 where he is seen saving Donald from drowning at sea. Later that year Moby got his own comic book title which ran 11 issues until 1970, and then from 1973 to 1978 (issues #12-30). Illustrators of American Moby Duck stories include Strobl, Kay Wright, and Pete Alvarado. Not seen in the USA for two decades, he is now in use in comics produced in Italy and Brazil. His only appearances in animation are in a 1968 The Wonderful World of Disney show and a cameo appearance seated at one of the tables in the House of Mouse TV series.

Moby is a disaster as a whaler, but a good sailor in general. He makes a living out of carrying cargo, especially for Scrooge McDuck. He also fights pirates and other villains, including the Beagle Boys, Mad Madam Mim, The Big Bad Wolf, and Captain Hook.

Donald was Moby's first mate for a while but he was eventually replaced by Dimwitty Duck. Moby's other frequent supporting character is his pet porpoise Porpy. The name Moby Duck is a spoof from the classic Herman Melville novel Moby-Dick.

Phooey Duck

Phooey Duck is the fourth nephew of Donald Duck and lost brother of Huey, Dewey and Louie. He is not really a character, he is the fourth nephew drawn by accident in the Donald Duck comic. He has been named Phooey by Disney comic editor Bob Foster, the name is originally a term which, sometimes spelled phooie, or fooey, expresses dislike or disappointment.

There are many instances where Phooey appears. Some, however, are not really true appearances, but rather some other Junior Woodchuck who looks like the three nephews.

One short Egmont-licensed Disney comic explained Phooey's sporadic appearances as a freak incident of nature.

In one Saint Patrick's Day comic-book adventure, Phooey appears as a Leprechaun or Guardian Angel in disguise as a duckling.

Upsy Duck

Upsy Duck is Donald's cousin from the 1965 story "Mastering The Matterhorn", illustrated by Tony Strobl. On the internet, he was for a long time known only from his appearance on a German Duck family tree , where he was called Gipfel Duck.

Ludwig Von Drake

Shamrock Gander

Shamrock Gander is Gladstone Gander's nephew. He first appeared in Daisy Duck's Diary Four Color#648. In that story it is shown that he is as lucky as his uncle Gladstone. It is unknown how Shamrock can be Gladstone's nephew although Gladstone must have at least one sibling who is a parent of Shamrock.

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