Food mill

A food mill (or passatutto, or purée sieve) is a food preparation utensil for mashing and sieving soft foods. Typically, a food mill consists of three parts: a bottomless bowl, an interchangeable bottom with holes like those in a colander, and a crank. The crank carries a bent metal blade which mashes the food and pushes it through the bottom as the crank is turned. Interchangeable bottoms are available with different hole sizes. Three corrugated feet on the base (alternatively, two ears on the rim plus the handle) hold the mill in position on the rim of a cooking pot. Some food mills do not have interchangeable bottoms; those that do have bottoms each with holes of a different size.

A food mill usually is made of stainless steel or aluminum. The bowl may also be plastic.

This piece of kitchen equipment, of long-proved efficiency, bridges the gap between a sieve (or tamis, china cap, or chinoise) and the electric blender or food processor. Its function is similar to that of a potato ricer or spätzle maker.

Uses of a food mill include removing the seeds from cooked tomatoes, removing pulp or larger pieces from foods (creating apple jelly or any type of purée), making mashed potatoes and spätzle.

The common French name of this utensil is passe-vite, meaning "go through quickly".

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