Luxi (fonts)

Luxi is a family of typefaces originally designed for the X Window System by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow from Bigelow and Holmes Inc. Luxi are similar to Lucida – their previous font design, and Luxi Sans is also vaguely like Trebuchet MS and Tahoma.

Luxi fonts are commonly found on free software operating systems, such as Linux. They are the default fonts in Red Hat's Bluecurve theme.

Released under a licence which permits free distribution but not modification, the Luxi fonts are not free software. This led to their removal from the Debian package of XFree86.


  • Luxi Sans, a family of four sans-serif fonts.
  • Luxi Serif, a family of four serif fonts.
  • Luxi Mono, a family of four monospace fonts.


  • Only version 1.2 (created on 2001-10-12) is available.
  • Inititially, they appeared as Type 1 fonts under the name Lucidux in XFree86 4.0 (released on 2000-03-08, added to XFree86 3.9.18Za a day earlier).
  • They are available as TTF fonts since XFree86 4.2.0 (18 January 2002); they were added to the XFree86 source tree on the 12th of December 2001 (XFree86

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