folle de chaillot

La Folle de Chaillot

La folle de Chaillot (French - the Madwoman of Chaillot) is a play by Jean Giraudoux, written during the German occupation of Paris. (Chaillot is the name of a district of Paris in the XVIe arrondissement.) The play is at once satirical, political, ecological, poetical, prophetic, anti-psychiatry as well as being a fairy tale and a love story.

The author died in 1944 and the play was not performed until the following year, premiereing in Paris in December 1945 in a production by Louis Jouvet starring the celebrated French actress Marguerite Moreno who was the inspiration for the piece. Jouvet played the Ragpicker. The play has frequently been revived in France and the title role played by Edwige Feuillère, Madeleine Robinson and Judith Magre.


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