Focal point

A focal point may mean:

  • Focus (optics), the point at which initially collimated rays of light meet after passing through a convex lens, or reflecting off of a concave mirror.
  • In mathematics:
  • Focal point used in art design principles (contrast, size & placement, lines & visual rythms)
  • In an antenna (electronics):
  • In game theory, a Schelling point is an equilibrium more likely to be chosen by the players because it seems special, natural or relevant to them.
  • In computer programs, Telelogic Focal Point is a configurable Web-based decision support platform for requirements management, product management and project portfolio management.
  • Focal Point, a studio album by Shawn McDonald.
  • Focal Point- IN a work of art, the center of visual attention, often different from the physical center of the work/s.

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