fly handle

Fly-killing device

A fly-killing device is an apparatus used for pest control. A fly-killing device usually attracts flying insects including houseflies, wasps, moths and mosquitoes. The flying insects are then either killed or released.

Types of Fly Killers

Fly swatter

A flyswatter is an age old tool for fly control and is usually made of plastic. The swatter is composed of a long, thin handle usually not exceeding 8-10 inches in length. Attached to the end of the handle is a large mesh-like head consisting of a flat sheet of material covered with holes (as to decrease wind resistance). This head is usually somewhat rectangular or resembling a square, normally measuring 2-4 inches in length and 3-5 inches in width. The fly swatter is ideally lightweight, as quick acceleration of the swatter is usually needed to overcome the quick reaction time of the fly. A rolled up newspaper with a diameter of about two inches can also be used with some success in the absence of a fly swatter.

Fly Sticker

The "Fly Sticker" (also known as a fly strip, fly paper, fly ribbon or fly tape) is another way of sticking flies to adhesive so that they can be starved/killed. It has an exposed adhesive strip, making it more stick-prone than a glue board. A fly strip is a small cardboard tube with a pin on the top. It is used by pulling the pin off the top (usually covered with wax), removing the adhesive 'fly strip' and using the pin to attach it to a wall.

Glue board fly killer

A glue board is a capture device with a strong adhesive. An index card covered in strong adhesive is situated in an enclosure so that when the flies come into contact with it, they remain stuck and die there. Their remains are removed through the use of vegetable oil and then removing the oil with dishwashing detergent and a water rinse.

Electric grid / fly zapper

An electric grid (fly zapper or bug zapper) kills flies by electrocution through a high voltage that is maintained on an electric grid. If the fly comes into contact with the grid, it is given a fatal electric shock and dies.

Gun fly killer

Its a small red gun shaped fly swatter. The fly must be sitting somewhere. The gun has got only one shot a round shaped bullet which is placed at the front place of the gun. When you press the trigger the bullet flies with extremely fast speed and parylizes the fly while throwing it at the ground. Then it gives you chance to kill it using your shoe or whatever you want.

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