Mud Will Be Flung Tonight

Mud Will Be Flung Tonight is an album by the American singer and comedienne Bette Midler. It is a live recording of one of Midler's stand-up comedy shows performed in 1985. Although primarily a spoken word album, Midler is accompanied onstage by her long-time musical collaborator Marc Shaiman on piano. The album captures Midler "throwing mud into the faces of some of your favorites", among them Madonna ("Like a virgin.....? Touched for the very first time....? For the very first time today!") Meryl Streep, Bruce Springsteen and Olivia Newton-John ("Let's get physical... let me hear your body talk..... My body said "Fuck you!!!") and it also includes the original version of the song "Otto Titsling", three years later re-recorded in the studio and prominently featured in the movie Beaches.

Track listing

Side A

  1. "Taking Aim" (Bette Midler) - 5:09
  2. "Fit Or Fat 'Fat As I Am'" (Bette Midler, Jerry Blatt, Marc Shaiman) - 3:10
  3. "Marriage, Movies, Madonna And Mick" (Bette Midler) - 6:39
  4. "Vickie Eydie" / "I'm Singing Broadway" (Bette Midler, Jerry Blatt) - 4:44

Side B

  1. "Coping" (Bette Midler) - 1:40
  2. "The Unfettered Boob" (Bette Midler) - 2:58
  3. "Otto Titsling" (Bette Midler, Jerry Blatt, Charlebe Seeger) - 4:20
  4. "Why Bother?" (Bette Midler) - 6:44
  5. "Soph" (Bette Midler) - 4:32



  • Bette Midler - record producer, writer
  • Bob Kaminsky - record producer
  • Jerry Blatt - record producer
  • Additional material by: Jerry Blatt, Frank Mula, Lenny Ripps, Marc Shaiman, Charlene Seeger, Bruce Vilanch
  • Marc Shaiman - musical arranger
  • Bonnie Bruckheimer-Martell - associate producer
  • Recorded at Budd Friedman's Improvisation, Los Angeles, California, April 30 - May 1, 1985
  • Recorded by Guy Charboneau & Cliff Bonnell, Le Mobile
  • Mixed and edited by John Alberts at Regent Sound Studio
  • Second engineer: Mark Partis
  • Assistant engineer: Ralph Kelsey

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