Fleming, Sir Alexander

Fleming, Sir Alexander

Fleming, Sir Alexander, 1881-1955, Scottish bacteriologist, discoverer of penicillin (1928) and lysozyme (1922), an antibacterial substance found in saliva and other body secretions. Educated at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, Univ. of London, where he later became professor of bacteriology, he published many articles on bacteriology, immunology, and chemotherapy. He shared the 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Ernst B. Chain and Sir Howard W. Florey for work on penicillin. Fleming was knighted in 1944.

See biography by G. MacFarlane (1985).

Sir Alexander Fleming College (commonly known as Fleming College or simply Fleming) is a British school in Trujillo, northern Perú. Fleming College represents Cambridge University and has an agreement with Markham College in Lima, Perú. Many of the Fleming staff are from various English-speaking countries including England, the USA, Denmark, Scotland and Norway. The school has approximately 640 students. It includes state of the art audio-visual rooms, electronic smart boards and computer labs. The school is run in a democratic fashion with students participating in decision making.

Fleming is named after Sir Alexander Fleming, the man who discovered penicillin.

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