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Saturn's Flea Collar

The band Saturn's Flea Collar was formed after a temporary breakup of Victim's Family. Like Victim's Family, Saturn's Flea Collar is best described as post punk. Bassist/drummer Larry Boothroyd relocated to Austin, Texas in 1992 and started making music with multi instrumentalist/vocalist Jason Christian, known locally as the vocalist for cult phenomena Squat Thrust. In 1994, after another jaunt with Victim's Family, Larry invited Jason to relocate to California to form the new band.

Larry settled in on drums and handed over the bass duties to Jason, soon rejoined by Victim's Family guitarist Ralph Spight. They released a single "Stretch to Activate" and a full length LP, Monosyllabic with Alternative Tentacles in 1996. After a tour of the United States and Europe, they disbanded and played their last show in March 1997 in Amsterdam. The single "Last Transmission" live on VPRO Radio Amsterdam was released on Subverziek Records (Belgium) in 2001.

Saturn's Flea Collar reunited for their 10th anniversary, in December 2004 for the Victim's Family 20th anniversary reunion celebration for two shows in Petaluma and San Francisco, California. Ralph currently plays in the Freak Accident. Larry currently plays in Triclops!. Jason currently plays in Crapulence, SEIZURES!, and (((~VORP~)))

Track listing of Monosyllabic

  1. "Walls Impede My Progress" – 1:37
  2. "Free And Easy Wanderer" – 1:54
  3. "Sugar Frosted Loopholes" – 0:44
  4. "Doo" – 1:45
  5. "Always Six O'clock" – 3:00
  6. "Variations" – 0:37
  7. "Splatter Facts" – 1:57
  8. "Quit It" – 0:17
  9. "My Plants Are Mad At Me" – 1:56
  10. "Jimi, Jim, And Janis" – 2:30
  11. "Damn Birds" – 3:36
  12. "Is In The Middle Of" – 2:20
  13. "The Song That Used To Be About Midgets" – 1:53
  14. "Aches And Pains" – 2:06
  15. "Billy And Some Apples" – 1:28
  16. "Don't Fuck Around With The Guy Who Makes Your Food" – 2:48
  17. "Frolic With The Hunchbacks" – 1:57
  18. "Heavy Rotation" – 0:57
  19. "Why Can't You Be Nice" – 1:23
  20. "The Gas Bill And Love" – 6:09

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