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Flavor of the Weak

"Flavor of the Weak" is a hit single by the Boston, Massachusetts band American Hi-Fi from the band's 2001 self-titled debut album. It peaked at #5 on the U.S. Modern Rock chart and #41 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the band's biggest hit (and only appearance on the latter chart).

The title has often been incorrectly spelled "Flavor of the Week," due to the resemblance to the phrase indicating a featured weekly item that is widely used in several ice cream chains and independent shops.

It concerns a girl who is unappreciated by her boyfriend. All he seems to care about is video games and recreational drug use, he calls her best friend on the phone, and he has pictures of girls he fantasizes about on his bedroom walls. Meanwhile, she does her best to be his girlfriend. The narrator of the song is upset that she can't see how bad the situation is. The very last line of the song says, "She makes me weak." Evidently, the narrator likes her as more than a friend, and it bothers him that she is mistreated.


US single

  1. "Flavor of the Weak" (Mainstream version)
  2. "Flavor of the Weak" (Album version)
  3. "Call Out Research Hook"

Japan single

  1. "Flavor of the Weak"
  2. "Vertigo" (Demo)
  3. "Flavor of the Weak" (Acoustic)

UK single

  1. "Flavor of the Weak"
  2. "Blue Day"
  3. "Vertigo" (Demo)
  4. "Flavor of the Weak" (Acoustic)

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