The Flaviviridae are a family of viruses that are primarily spread through arthropod vectors (mainly ticks and mosquitoes). The family gets its name from Yellow Fever virus, a type virus of Flaviviridae; flavus means yellow in Latin. (Yellow fever in turn was named because of its propensity to cause jaundice in victims.) .

They include the following genera:

Flaviviridae have monopartite, linear, single-stranded RNA genomes of positive polarity, 9.6- to 12.3-kilobase in length. The 5'-termini of flaviviruses carry a methylated nucleotide cap, while other members of this family are uncapped and encode an internal ribosome entry site. Virus particles are enveloped and spherical, about 40-60 nm in diameter.

Major diseases caused by the Flaviviridae family include:


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