flat as pancake

Flat as a Pancake

Flat as a Pancake was the first studio release of the hard rock band Head East. The album was first released independently on Pyramid Records. When the song "Never Been Any Reason" began to sound in radio, A&M Records signed the band and re-released the album in June 1975.

The diner photographed on the back cover of the A&M reissue is the Rite-Way Diner at 9538 Olive Blvd, Olivette, Missouri. It is still in business, although it's renamed the Olivette Diner.

Track listing

  1. "Never Been Any Reason"
  2. "One Against The Other"
  3. "Love Me Tonight"
  4. "City Of Gold"
  5. "Fly By Night Lady"
  6. "Jefftown Creek"
  7. "Lovin' Me Along"
  8. "Ticket Back To Georgia"
  9. "Brother Jacob"

Chart Performance

"Never Been Any Reason" is the band's signature song peaking at #68 on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart. The other hit single of the album is "Love Me Tonight" (#54). An FM hit, "City Of Gold", did not achieve chart success.



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