Flashy is the fifth album by the Detroit rock band Electric Six.

According to the official site, the album will be accompanied by a music video for track 'Formula 409'. This video appeared online on July 30th.

The album features 'Transatlantic Flight' which was, in its original form, to appear on a second The Dirty Shame album.

Track listing

  1. "Gay Bar Part Two"
  2. "Formula 409"
  3. "We Were Witchy Witchy White Women"
  4. "Dirty Ball"
  5. "Lovers Beware"
  6. "Your Heat is Rising"
  7. "Face Cuts"
  8. "Heavy Woman"
  9. "Flashy Man"
  10. "Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart"
  11. "Graphic Designer"
  12. "Transatlantic Flight"
  13. "Making Progress"


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