Flak-Kaserne Ludwigsburg

The Flak-Kaserne in Ludwigsburg, Germany, were first barracks of the German regiment 25 and later of the American Army. It lies in South-West Germany in the near of Stuttgart.

Developing history

The commencement of construction took place at the end of 1935 and lasted up to spring 1937 as the first soldiers and officers of the flag regiment 25 on that approximately 19 hectars large area drew in. First one established several houses for the soldiers and a provisional barracks yard, 1938 still another elegant officers mess was built. The arranging celebration took place on 12 September 1936 in presence of Colonel Kolb (commander of the Flak regiment 25), Colonels Heilingbrunner, citizen of Ludwigsburg and at that time mayor Dr. Karl Frank and other guests. During the celebration military aircraft flew over the barracks. To entertain the soldiers of the brigade there were also cultural events offered such as theatres or Varieté. Thus Zarah Leander and Ilse Werner stepped into sport-resound (due to the monument protection one does not tear off).

End of World War II

In April the area transferred 1945 occupied French and American troops the city to Ludwigsburg and the commander of barracks to winner powers. After initial Rangeleien the Frenchmen from the city withdrew themselves. Control of the city had now Captain (late major) John Lindsay as a boss of the American military government.

After the war

1945-1948: the Flak-Kaserne is used of the Americans as internment camp for former Nazis

1948-1950: use as refugee camps for refugees

1950-1991: Seat of the 4th Transportation

1991-2007: Area get in the possession of the Federal Republic of Germany

2007-2009: Sales to the city Ludwigsburg, beginning of the land development of the area in August 2007

The Flakkaserne as internment camp

Als internment camp the barracks were called by Americans the camp I.C.74. It ranked among the largest Nazi camps of the US army. After 1948 the barracks served still two years as refugee camp for refugees of homeland. Among the passengers among other things William of Prussia, Richard Walther Darré and Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk.

The Flakkaserne as base of the American army

1950 changed the barracks into the administration of the American armed forces. After structural alteration measures one Transportation drew in and remained until 1991. With beginning of the Gulf War, the last soldiers left the barracks.


Since 1991 the barracks stands abandoned. After the excerpt of the soldiers the area had to be reorganized, since the earth was contaminated by gasoline among other things. Later it came to the repeated vandalism; windows were smashed and the interior arrangement was destroyed. The area is today strongly from plants over-rampantly grows. Partially it is used still as parking area for truck trailers or as exercise area for the police. To create for years considers the buildings to tear off around place for new family houses. This is not easy however too, because some of the buildings and the old tree existence stand under monument protection. Besides the federation requires a too high price for the area, which arranged the city the funds otherwise to begin for the time being. Since 4 May 2007 belongs the area of the former Flak-Kaserne of the city. After negotiations for many years the sales contract with the Federal was signed. The purchase price was with approximately 8.25 million euro. That scarcely 18 hectares large areas is to offer best conditions for a various, high-quality living offer for all subpopulations. 1,600 humans are to find into a few years a new at home. In sections is to be cultivated the area with multi-storey buildings, rows -, double and single family houses. First however refuse dumps must be eliminated such as poisons, oil and asbestos. On 13 August 2007 turn off was starting. The development of the area is to follow in the autumn 2008. According to mayor Spec will be able to perhaps already draw in end of 2009 the first inhabitants on the Hartenecker height.

Monument protection

Some baracks won't be turn off because of the monument protection. This will be: the gym, NCO/EM-Club (elegant officers mess) and the main gate.

I was stationed a Flak when we built the Enlisted Men's/Non-Commissioned Officers club. That was in 1960 or 1961. Jesse Barnes, Lincoln, California.

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