fixation nystagmus


Fixation may refer to the following:

In science:

  • Fixation (psychology), the state in which an individual becomes obsessed with an attachment to another human, an animal, or an inanimate object
  • Fixation (visual) maintaining the gaze in a constant direction
  • Fixation (alchemy), one of the 12 vital alchemical processes required for transformation
  • Carbon fixation, a biochemical process, usually driven by photosynthesis, whereby carbon dioxide is converted into organic compounds
  • Nitrogen fixation, a process by which nitrogen is converted from its inert molecular form to a compound more readily available and useful to living organisms
  • Fixation (population genetics), the state when every individual in a population has the same allele at a particular locus
  • Fixation (histology) in biochemistry, histology, cell biology and pathology, the technique of preserving a specimen for microscopic study

In business and law:

  • Fixation in business refers to a company's reluctance to change to suit current market conditions, thus increasing the probability that the company will make larger numbers and greater severities of poor decisions.
  • Fixation in law refers to works entitled to copyright protection (e.g. music, literature, paintings, etc.). Only works fixed in a medium can be copyrighted, not the ideas behind those works.

In online marketing

  • Fixation online eye tracking refers to the test subject fixing on a particular portion of the page. It is used to determine which areas of a web page receive the most views. This is used to adjust where content resides on a web page to maximize its exposure.

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