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Jack-in-the-Box (Marvel Comics)

Jack-in-the-Box (Jack) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. He first appeared in Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron #1.

Fictional character biography

Jack is an Australian aborigine whose mutant powers are telepathy and radar sense, which allows him to scan his surrounding area. His powers have a side effect where his body becomes petrified and brittle every time he uses them.

At his trailer in Australia, Jack was attacked by Sauron, who is now an agent of the new Weapon X program. After their encounter, Sauron offered Jack to join Weapon X. Thinking that Weapon X was a superhero team and they could fix his mutant side effect, Jack accepted. After getting some money at the Bank of Australia and saying good-bye to his girlfriend and dog, Jack left with Sauron to join Weapon X. Along the way Jack made a joke about Sauron and the Director. This enraged Sauron and he literally tore Jack apart. Though he was in pieces, Jack survived. Sauron put Jack in a box, and brought him to the Weapon X compound. There, Jack used his telepathy and discovered the Director's plans for him.

Jack is currently being utilized by the Weapon X program as a mind-reader during the admissions process for captured mutants incarcerated in the "Neverland" concentration camp. It is unknown if Jack-in-the-Box kept or lost his mutant powers after the M-Day.

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