A garden plant of family Acanthaceae notable for its dark green foliage; commonly called "Nerve Plant" or "Mosaic Plant".

Fittonia, a type of Acanthaceae. Currently 15 known species of Fittonia. Appear as a short plant with lush green leaves with accented veins of white to deep pink and have a short fuzz covering its stems. Small buds may appear after time where the stem splits into leaves. Flowers are small with a white to off-white color. This plant is best kept in a moist area with mild sunlight and temperatures above 55°F. Must be watered regularly. Without water for a few days, this plant is known to "faint" but is easily revived with a quick watering and resumes its healthiness. The Fittonia is known to be hard to grow so it is best bought at a nursery then cared for. The Fittonia makes a great indoor plant as well as a groundcover.

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