Dressing room

The term dressing room may be applied to different places.

  • In architectural parlance, and in the larger houses, a dressing room is a small room next to a bedroom, used by the occupants to give privacy during dressing and undressing.
  • In a theatre and a concert hall, dressing rooms are provided for the performers to assume their costumes and makeup. The "star dressing room" is used by the principal actor and/or actress.
  • In a Cricket Pavilion the room in which the players change. At some major grounds, such as Lord's cricket ground, the home team changes in the "Home dressing room" and the visiting team changes in a separate "Away dressing room".
  • A dressing room (also called a fitting room, particularly in Britain) in a clothing store is a small enclosure with mirrors where one can try on clothing privately. The purpose of a dressing room is for patrons to ensure that articles of clothing fit properly, and look good on them before committing to a purchase.

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