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I Don't Fit In

This season 8 episode of the MTV series True Life features three individuals who do not fit in.

Stevie, a 16-year-old high school student from Westminster, Colorado (A middle class suburb of Denver), has a love for the New York Dolls, a glam-rock band. His fashion sense follows their androgynous style and because of this he has a difficult time fitting in at Pomona High School.(Especially with some of the jocks who scream homophobic slurs at him due to his effeminate appearance) In order to make friends, Stevie attempts to start a glam-rock group by putting up ads for band auditions on the Internet. Results for auditions do not meet his standards. At the end of the episode, Stevie decides to put his music career on hold until after having graduated from high school and he plans on getting a part time job in order to save up some money to move to New York City or Los Angeles after he graduates from high school.

Danielle, a 21-year-old from Orange County a former student of Franciscan University of Steubenville, has a strong relationship with God that her friends have a really hard time understanding. She decides to take a break from college and considers becoming a nun. Until recently, Danielle spent most of her time partying just like some of her friends, but her love for God and dedication to the church has taken up much of her time. She plans to join a convent after having paid her college loans off and prays for her friend's conversions every day. Upon viewing the finished episode, some of her friends who were present at the taping voiced strong disagreements with MTV's portrayal of them as frequent partiers.

Tiffany is a 23-year-old African-American woman who grew up in an all-white family. She has been ashamed of her race most of her life, and is constantly bleaching her skin and straightening her hair in order to appear more Caucasian. She searches in this episode for Black friends to try and escape her identity outside of the predominantly white community of Honey Brook, PA. She eventually decides to stop changing her appearance and to seek professional counseling instead.

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