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Invent This!

Invent This! was a TV series on TechTV which aired at the end of 2003. Invent This! profiled ordinary people demonstrating their inventions. Only one season (13 half-hour episodes) were shot. The show was not renewed when TechTV and G4 merged in early 2004.


Episode Broadcast date Title
1 2003-09-30 Personal Helicopter, TetraTops, Dining Table Dishwasher
2 2003-10-07 Pet Doorbell, Underwear With Condom, DIY Rocket
3 2003-10-14 Monocycle, Lotto Spotto, StudyBuddy
4 2003-10-21 Climbing Robots, Beach Pockets, Robotic Wildlife
5 2003-10-28 Bird Diapers, Car Coffin, Portable Surfboard
6 2003-11-04 Mashed Potato Machine, Tornado Tips, Bug-Off Pet Feeder
7 2003-11-11 Free Energy Fuel Cell, Inventing Secrets, Cardboard House
8 2003-11-18 Roller Shoes, Doggie Backpack, Communion Dispenser
9 2003-11-25 Exersuit, Salad Chopper, Mist-On Tan
10 2003-12-02 Disposable Cellphone, Flying Car, Inside Golfing
11 2003-12-09 Life Alert, Bird Thrower, Magic Games
12 2003-12-16 Boobie Flask, Nuclear Shelter, Boomerang Fish Lure
13 2003-12-23 Handcycle, "Aw Shucks!" Oyster Opener, Electromagnetic Gun


  • Invent This! is also a registered Trademark owned by registered patent attorney Anthony Carlis and associated with his patent law practice.


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