Fischart, Johann

Fischart, Johann

Fischart, Johann, b. 1548, d. 1590 or 1591, German satirist and moralist. He lived in Strasbourg. He translated and paraphrased works by Rabelais called Geschichtsklitterung (1572, 1575, and 1590); by the Dutch writer Philip van Marnix, Bienenkorb [the beehive] (1579); and from a French source, Jesuiterhütlein [Jesuit's hat] (1580). Among his many works his versification of Till Eulenspiegel stories and his narrative poem Das Glückhafft Schiff von Zürich [the lucky boat of Zürich] (1576) are noteworthy. Fischart's writings are largely political and anti-Catholic polemics, witty and original.


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