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First Quarter Storm

The First Quarter Storm was a period of unrest in the Philippines, composed of a series of heavy demonstrations, protests, and marches against the government from January to March 1970, two years before the Philippines were placed under martial law.

The movement was led by Adrian Aquino from the Ateneo de Manila University, echoing recent student demonstrations all around the world before 1970. But then, the Moderate demonstration turned into a Readical one as the Radicals, led by the Kabataang Makabayan founder Jose Maria Sison as well as the leader of the New People's Army Bernabe "Dante" Buscayno, Laborers also took part, who protested against graft and corruption in government, and the decline in the economy caused by high oil prices. Some sources stated that the unrest is the plan to overthrow the government through communist as well as socialist support to the masses, as well as students and workers who facilitated the storm. most of the activists carry Molotov bombs and pillbox bombs to counter the policemen's attacks in Malacanang.

The storm ended up being violent especially when the police used tear gas and even armed weapons to quell the demonstrators. Students tried to counter using Molotov and pillbox bombs while retreating. The storm extended to Divisoria district in Tondo Manila, where some of the students were trying to resist against them. After the failed protest, Some of the surviving radical students, mostly from the University of the Philippines, Philippine College of Commerce, and the University of the East, resorted to Marxism, and Armed Struggle like Guerrilla and Urban warfare.

The First Quarter Storm is also the inspiration for the Filipina hip-hop duo of the same name, composed of Rogue Pinay and El Dia, based in Seattle, WA, USA.

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