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First and Last and Always

First and Last and Always, the debut album by UK band The Sisters of Mercy was released on March 11 1985, on band's own label Merciful Release (under distribution contract with WEA). It has been described by songwriter and singer Andrew Eldritch as 'some decent songs, but iffy production'

All members of the band except Andrew Eldritch left the group after the album's promotional concert tour.

A remastered version of the album, based on second generation tapes and containing remixes by Andrew Eldritch originally made for the Japanese market, was released in 1992. Many fans, however, consider the original (unremixed) version to be superior Despite Eldritch's highly vocal rejection of the designation "Goth", First and Last and Always has consistently been praised in the canon of gothic rock, and in December, 1999, Q magazine included it in their list of "The Best Gothic Albums of All Time".

"Amphetamine Logic" is listed as "Logic" on the album, because the WEA insisted that many high street retailers would not stock the album if the word "Amphetamine" was used. The band decided not to contest this in preference to incurring possible delays with the album release and difficulties with their contract

Track listing

(all lyrics written by Andrew Eldritch except where noted)

  1. "Black Planet" (music: Hussey) – 4:27
  2. "Walk Away" (music: Hussey) – 3:20
  3. "No Time to Cry" (music: Adams, Marx, Hussey) – 3:54
  4. "A Rock and a Hard Place" (music: Hussey) – 3:36
  5. "Marian (version)" (music: Hussey) – 5:37
  6. "First and Last and Always" (music: Marx) – 3:58
  7. "Possession" (music: Hussey, Eldritch, Adams) – 4:36
  8. "Nine While Nine" (music: Marx) – 4:07
  9. "Amphetamine Logic" (music: Marx) – 4:46
  10. "Some Kind of Stranger" (music: Marx) – 7:16

Bonus tracks on 2006 reissue

  1. "Poison Door" (words and music: Marx)
  2. "On the Wire" (music: Andrew Eldritch)
  3. "Blood Money" (contentious)
  4. "Bury Me Deep" (music: Andrew Eldritch)
  5. "Long Train" (music: Andrew Eldritch)
  6. "Some Kind of Stranger (Early Version)" (music: Marx)

On the original 7" and 12" singles, "Blood Money" is listed as Hussey/Eldritch, a reversal of the normal order, thereby implying that its credits are words: Hussey, music: Eldritch.


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