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Heather Blush

Heather Blush is a Canadian jazz and blues singer based in Calgary. She normally performs with her band The Uppercuts, who are Steve Hazlett (drums) and Shane Sutherland (upright bass); under the name Heather Blush and the Uppercuts. According to Kelly Doodle of the Calgary Sun, her voice was described as a mix of Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones.

Blush was born in city of Winnipeg, Manitoba and grew up in different small towns in the province. She studied to be a music therapist in Florida. She then came to Calgary, Alberta where she record her first album in 2005, titled First Blush, with producer Dan Donahue in Winnipeg, before forming 'Heather Blush and Triple S', the name of her band before Stu Davies (lead guitarist) left the band in 2007.

Her second album is Vice (2008), and her planned third album is expected to be Versa (meant as part 2 of the Vice album);.


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