Fire sign

In astrology, a fire sign refers to any of the three signs Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. In earlier astrology, the fire signs were often called bitter, in contrast with the "sweet" air signs.


According to astrological theory, fire signs represent the life-giving and vital force of the zodiac. The fire signs are termed positive and extroverted, and are supposed to be active, creative, ingenious, dynamic, and highly energetic. They are seen as the leaders and pioneers within humanity, possessing an assertive quality that allows them to act upon the thoughts of others extremely quickly.

The worst qualities of the fire signs are seen as their tendency to be irresponsible, overbearing, impatient, and boastful to the point of hurting others' feelings. They can also supposedly find it very hard to deal with detail because of their quest for the "big picture." Because astrology holds that fire signs are frequently highly outspoken, they can prove too much for more sensitive types of people who resist the criticism they can produce. They are supposedly by nature emotionally intense and quick to anger if they disapprove. Fire signs are also view life as a competition, and tend to have short, fiery tempers. Fire signs carry out the action as Air signs invent the ideas.

In relationships, fire signs are generally considered to be extremely outgoing and passionate friends, but typically they are seen as requiring a great deal of love from their partner because of their assertive quality, and do not like their partner to have control over their romantic life and/or career. Though said to be more passionate and committed under the right circumstance than air signs, fire signs are said to be barren signs. This is probably because their focus on being center stage or on searching for truth intensely, combined with their often gregarious and friendly nature, means that they may have trouble committing themselves to a lifelong marriage. Their quest for freedom is said to make fire signs supposedly always want to be freed from this type of burden. In ancient times Mars, ruler of Aries & the Sun, ruler of Leo also were described to be sterile in nature because of their associations with heat, anger & masculinity.

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