finite automaton

Alternating finite automaton

In automata theory, an alternating finite automaton (AFA) is a nondeterministic finite automaton whose transitions are divided into existential and universal transitions. For example, let A be an alternating automaton.

  • For an existential transition (q, a, q_1 vee q_2), A nondeterministically chooses to switch the state to either q_1 or q_2, reading a. Thus, behaving like a regular nondeterministic finite automaton.
  • For a universal transition (q, a, q_1 wedge q_2), A moves to q_1 and q_2, reading a, simulating the behavior of a parallel machine.

Note that due to the universal quantification a run is represented by a run tree. A accepts a word w, if there exists a run tree on w such that every path ends in an accepting state.

A basic theorem tells that any AFA is equivalent to an non-deterministic finite automaton (NFA) by performing a similar kind of powerset construction as it is used for the transformation of an NFA to a deterministic finite automaton (DFA). This construction converts an AFA with k states to an NFA with up to 2^k states.

An alternative model which is frequently used is the one where Boolean combinations are represented as clauses. For instance, one could assume the combinations to be in DNF so that {{q_1}{q_2,q_3}} would represent q_1 vee (q_2 wedge q_3). The state tt (true) is represented by {{}} in this case and ff (false) by emptyset. This clause representation is usually more efficient.

Formal Definition

An alternating finite automaton (AFA) is a 6-tuple, (S(exists), S(forall), Sigma, delta, P_0, F), where

  • S(exists) is a finite set of existential states. Also commonly represented as S(vee).
  • S(forall) is a finite set of universal states. Also commonly represented as S(wedge).
  • Sigma is a finite set of input symbols.
  • delta is a set of transition functions to next state (S(exists) cup S(forall)) times (Sigma cup { varepsilon } ) to 2^{S(exists) cup S(forall)}.
  • P_0 is the initial (start) state, such that P_0 in S(exists) cup S(forall).
  • F is a set of accepting (final) states such that F subseteq S(exists) cup S(forall).

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