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The Return of Captain Invincible

The Return Of Captain Invincible is a 1983 musical comedy and fantasy film starring Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee.


The plot involves the Captain America/Superman inspired super-hero called "Captain Invincible" (also known as Legend in Leotards, The Caped Contender and Man of Magnet) who is active during World War II and afterwards. Once a popular hero to all Americans he is forced into retirement in the 1950s following the government's persecution of him.

This takes the form of a McCarthy-ish congressional investigation which accuses him of being a communist (because of his red cape). He is charged with violating U.S. airspace by flying without a proper license, and wearing underwear in public. He disappears from the public eye, moving to Australia and becoming an alcoholic.

Thirty years later, his old rival "Mr. Midnight" re-emerges and steals a secret government super-weapon - the hypno-ray. The US government asks Captain Invincible to return, and the story follows his attempts to return to super-heroing and redeem his reputation.


Character Actor Description
Captain Invincible Alan Arkin US superhero who fought for the allies during WWII, but fell on hard times.
Mr. Midnight Christopher Lee Invincible's nemesis, dedicated to evil, existed before the birth of man.
Patty Patria Kate Fitzpatrick Australian policewoman who helps Invincible get back to his former glory.
The US President Michael Pate As a child he met Invincible and the meeting left his mark on him.


The Return Of Captain Invincible was directed by Philippe Mora. It was produced by Seven Keys Production and Willara and distributed by Seven Keys and later by Elite Entertainment Inc., Jensen Farley Pictures, Magnum Entertainment and Seven Keys Home Video. It was filmed in Australia.

It features some songs written by Richard O Brien; including one sung by Lee called "Name Your Poison", during which the evil Mr. Midnight tempts the alcoholic Captain Invincible with a well-stocked bar.


  • Captain Invincible: Together, we're not alone. We're not helpless. Together, we're part of the roughest, toughest, biggest, kindest, fairest, bestest darn gang in the whole world!
  • Patty Patria: This is the American Eagle Network, broadcasting one last time... for all of you out there who still believe in fairies, heroes, second chances... love and trust. Captain, they're playing your song.
  • Mr. Midnight: Same old dreary demands. Self righteous, messianic, moralistic and increasingly tedious.
  • Captain Invincible: Fine talk from a sociopath paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur.
  • Mr. Midnight: Thank you.


It is reportedly one of Terry Pratchett's favorite films.


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