Mill may refer to the following:

  • Mill (grinding), equipment for the grinding or pulverizing of raw materials using millstones
  • Mill (factory), a place of business for making articles of manufacture. The term mill was once in common use for a factory because many factories in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution were powered by a watermill, but nowadays it is only used in a few specific contexts; e.g.
    • a cotton mill is a factory for processing cotton
    • a paper mill produces paper
    • a sawmill cuts timber
    • a gristmill grinds grain into flour
    • a steel mill manufactures steel
    • a sugar mill (also called a sugar refinery) processes sugar beets or sugar cane into various finished products
    • a huller (also called a rice mill, or rice husker) is used to hull rice
  • Milling machine, metalworking machine that operates by rotating a cutting bit while the workpiece is moved against the cutter on an XY table.
  • Stamp mill, a specialized machine for reducing ore to powder for further processing or for fracturing other materials
  • Mill (currency), a denomination used by some currencies, equivalent of a tenth of a cent/penny, or a thousandth of currency unit. In some currencies, like the Cypriot pound (introduced in 1955 and lasting until 1983), the use of mills has long ago been abolished and have been replaced entirely by cents.
  • The standard author abbreviation Mill. may be used to indicate botanist Philip Miller's work when citing a botanical name
  • Diploma mill or degree mill an organization which awards academic degrees and diplomas with very little or no academic study and without recognition by official accrediting bodies
  • Nine Men's Morris, a traditional board game; the term "mill" may also mean "three (playing pieces) in a row" within the game
  • Arithmetical unit, used in the context of Charles Babbage's Analytical engine, a 19th century concept of a computer
  • Windmill (breakdance move) or mill, a power move in breakdancing
  • The Mill (post-production), a visual effects company
  • Millage, a property tax

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