field scabious


Knautia is a genus in the family Dipsacaceae. The common names of these flowers are a variant of "widow flower." Others are given the name "Scabious," although this word belongs to a related genus (Scabiosa).

Species include:

  • Knautia arvensis - Meadow Widow Flower, Blue Buttons, Field Scabious
  • Knautia carinthiaca
  • Knautia drymeia - Hungarian Widow Flower
  • Knautia kitaiebellii
  • Knautia longifolia - Long Leaf Widow Flower
  • Knautia Macedonica
  • Knautia maxima - Forest Widow Flower
  • Knautia norica

The genus Knautia comes from the 17th century German botanist, Dr Knaut.

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