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48 Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery

About 48th Field Battery

The role of 48th Fd Bty is to engage targets of immediate concern to units of the 9th Brigade and the provision of timely, intimate offensive fire support to such units.

48th Field Battery is a part of the Australian Army's 9th Brigade, currently located at Keswick Barracks South Australia.

The Battery is a six gun battery utilizing the US designed M2A2 Howitzer firing 105 mm ammunition. However, the unit is in a transitionary phase, in which it will be using both 81mm Mortars as well as the M2A2.


48th Field Battery was formed at Tel el Kebir, Egypt, on 6 March 1916 and first saw action in France from June 1916 to January 1917, after which the Battery was disbanded to be re-raised in 1921 and attached to 13th Field Brigade. The Battery was re-formed in 1939 and became part of the 6th/13th Field Regiment in 1988. 48th Field Battery has been an independent battery since the disbandment the 6/13th Field Regiment in 1997.

Notable Members

Victoria Cross recipient William Kibby was a member of 48th Field Battery prior to joining the AIF.

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