Fido may mean:

Fido may also refer to:

  • Mark 24 FIDO Torpedo or Mark XXIV mine, a US acoustic homing torpedo used during the Second World War
  • FidoNet is a non-commercial computer network founded by Tom Jennings
    • FidoBBS, formally called FIDO, the name of the BBS software developed by Tom Jennings
  • Claude (Grand Theft Auto), nicknamed Fido, from the computer and video game Grand Theft Auto III
  • Fido Dido is a cartoon character associated with 7 Up soft drink
  • Fido Explosives Detector is a portable explosives detector used extensively by the military for IED detection and people for explosives residue

FIDO is an acronym for:

fido is an acronym for

  • flexible input, deterministic output, a microcontroller architecture of Innovasic, Inc

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