fictitious place


[kwag-mahyuhr, kwog-]
Quagmire may refer to any of the following:

Fictional Characters

TV series and episodes

  • "Quagmire" (The X-Files), the 22nd episode in the 3rd season of the television drama, The X-Files
  • "Quagmire", the English title of the 12th episode in anime series Elfen Lied

Computer games

  • Quagmire, a level in the game "Banjo Tooie", sequel to the game "Banjo Kazooie"
  • Quagmire, a fictitious place in the game World of Warcraft, located in the zone Dustwallow Marsh

Other meanings

  • Joshua Quagmire (or JQ), an American cartoonist, best known for Cutey Bunny
  • Quagmire, the setting for Ben Dunn's Ninja High School comics, and the title of two mini-series spun off from them
  • Quagmire, a black enchantment from the card game Magic: The Gathering that allows creatures with the swampwalk ability to be blocked as though they did not have swampwalk
  • a marsh
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