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Beni Trauma (character)

Beni Trauma is a fictitious character of the MTV series Celebrity Deathmatch. He had only one bout against another freak creature called Potato Khan during episode "Battle Of The Heavy Metal Maniacs".


Beni Trauma was created by technology expert of Celebrity Deathmatch Stone Cold Steve Austin for him to be part of the Freak Fights in the first fight of episode "Battle Of The Heavy Metal Maniacs". His name is derived from name of the Japanese restaurant: Benihana. He is made out of the DNA of excellent chef Emeril Lagasse and stunt-man Japanese action hero Jackie Chan.


Beni Trauma looks Japanese (but is really Chinese). He has two small straight mustaches and he has no nose and has four arms. Trauma has an Italian accent and is always wearing a white apron, he has a toque blanche and carries with him two sharp butcher knives. He has short hair and he's very calm, he has excellent cooking talents.

Potato Kahn

Beni sliced off Kahn's nose and cooked it on a grill and fed it to a kid in the audience who was having a birthday party but then Kahn climbed onto the turnbuckle jumped over Beni and flattened him. Suddenly a huge spatula comes out from under Kahn and flips him over, it was Beni, then Beni severely pummels Kahn and rips off chunks of his head and fries them, turning them into chips. Beni then scoops out some of Kahn's insides and gets mashed Potato's which he gives to the kid having a birthday, then Kahn rips off one of Beni's arms and puts it on himself, but Beni's arm is still under Beni's control so Beni's arm grabs a knife and hacks off kahn's arms and legs as well as itself. Beni puts on his arm and throws the limbless Kahn over onto the grill and is about to cook him when he deicdes to use his special D.O.A sauce and covers Kahn in it, but the sauce makes Kahn mutate and sprout some tentacles which he uses to rip off Beni's head.

Beni's Fate

After Khan kills Beni he cooks his head and gives it as a present to a kid having a birthday party in the audience. Throughout the entire episode Khan can be seen in the audience cooking Beni's body parts and giving them to the kid to eat.

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