Fibro, the shortened form of "Fibrous Cement" - or "Fibrous Asbestos Cement", FAC, is a building material made of compressed fibres cemented into rigid sheets.

While "Fibro" has been used in a number of countries, it is in Australia where its use was the most widespread. Manufactured and sold by James Hardie until the mid 1980s "Fibro" in all its forms was a very popular building material. The fibres involved were almost always Asbestos based. The use of "Fibro" have since been banned in several countries, including Australia itself, due to its asbestosis- and mesothelioma-causing Asbestos content.

Products Used In The Building Industry

  • Flat sheets for house walls and ceilings were usually 6 mm and 4.5 mm thick, in 900 and 1200 widths and from 1800 to 3000 long.
  • Battens 50 mm wide x 8 mm thick. Used to cover the joints in the sheets.
  • Super Six corrugated roof sheeting and fencing.
  • Internal wet area sheeting, "Tilux"
  • Pipes of various sizes for water and drainage.
  • Moulded products from plant pots to cable pits.

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