Few, William, 1748-1828, political leader in the American Revolution, b. near Baltimore. He was raised in North Carolina and was involved in the Regulator movement there. He later moved to Georgia. Few participated in partisan activities in the American Revolution, served in the Continental Congress (1780-82, 1785-88), signed the Constitution, and was one of Georgia's first U.S. Senators (1789-93).
In quantum mechanics and classical mechanics, a few-body system consists of a small number of well-defined structures.

In quantum mechanics, examples of few-body problems include light nuclear systems (that is, few-nucleon bound and scattering states), small molecules, light atoms (such as helium in an external electric field), and quantum dots. Three-body systems can be solved exactly through the Faddeev equations.

In classical mechanics, the few-body problem is a subset of the N-body problem.

One notable journal covering this field is Few-body Systems.

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