feng yu hsiang

Wu Yu-hsiang

Wu Yu-hsiang (武禹襄 Wu Yuxiang, 1812-1880) was a Chinese t’ai chi ch’uan teacher and government official active during the late Ch'ing dynasty. Wu was scholar from a wealthy and influential family who became a senior student (along with his two older brothers Wu Ch'eng-ch'ing 武澄清 and Wu Ju-ch'ing 武汝清) of Yang Lu-ch'an. Wu Yu-hsiang also studied for a brief time with a teacher from the Ch'en family, Chen Ch'ing-p'ing, to whom he was introduced by Yang.

There is a relatively large body of writing attributed to Wu Yu-hsiang on the subject of t’ai chi ch’uan theory, writings that are considered influential by many other schools not directly associated with his style.

His most famous student was his nephew, Li I-yü (李亦畬, 1832-1892), who also authored several important works on t'ai chi ch'uan. Li I-yü had a younger brother who was also credited as an author of at least one work on the subject of t'ai chi, Li Ch'i-hsüan.

The style of t'ai chi ch'uan that Wu taught was eventually known, because of its later transmission by three generations of students of his nephew named Hao, as Wu/Hao style t'ai chi ch'uan. Hao Wei-chen subsequently taught Sun Lu-t'ang, the founder of Sun style t'ai chi ch'uan.

Family tree

This family tree is not comprehensive.

Zhang Sanfeng*
circa 12th century
Wang Zongyue*
Chen Wangting
1600-1680 9th generation Chen
   |                                                                   |
Chen Changxing                                                     Chen Youben
1771-1853 14th generation Chen                                     circa 1800s 14th generation Chen
Chen Old Frame                                                     Chen New Frame (Small Frame)
   |                                                                   |
Yang Lu-ch'an                                                      Chen Qingping
1799–1872                                                          1795–1868
YANG STYLE                                                         Chen Small Frame, Zhaobao Frame
   |                                                                   |
   +---------------------------------+-----------------------------+   |
   |                                 |                             |   |
Yang Pan-hou                      Yang Chien-hou                   Wu Yu-hsiang
1837–92                           1839–1917                        1812–80
Yang Small Frame                     |                             WU/HAO STYLE
   |                                 +-----------------+                      |
   |                                 |                 |                      |
Wu Ch'uan-yü                      Yang Shao-hou     Yang Ch'eng-fu          Li I-yü
1834–1902                         1862–1930         1883–1936               1832–92
   |                              Yang Small Frame  Yang Big Frame            |
Wu Chien-ch'üan                                        |                    Hao Wei-chen
1870–1942                                           Yang Shou-chung         1849–1920
WU STYLE                                            1910–85
108 Form                                                                      |
   |                                                                        Sun Lu-t'ang
Wu Kung-i                                                                   1861–1932
1900–70                                                                     SUN STYLE
   |                                                                          |
Wu Ta-kuei                                                                  Sun Hsing-i
1923–72                                                                     1891–1929


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