Felling, town (1991 pop. 36,377), Gateshead metropolitan district, NE England. Felling is an industrial suburb of Gateshead and part of the Newcastle upon Tyne industrial concentration. Felling has various engineering works; it also produces paint and radar equipment.

Felling is the name given to an area of eastern Gateshead, UK. Originally an independent settlement in the historic county of Durham it became incorporated into the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead in 1974.

Its name derives from the area where trees were felled to the east of town to expand and is often referred to locally as "the Felling". It is bordered by Leam Lane, Heworth and Deckham.

Coal was mined in Felling early in the 17th century. The Felling Colliery was opened in 1779, extended in 1810 and closed in 1931. There was a major explosion on 25 May 1812 which became known as The Felling mine disaster. It was one of the first major mine disasters in Britain and claimed 92 lives. The explosion influenced the development of The Geordie lamp and The Davy lamp. There were 3 other explosions between 1813 and 1847 which claimed a further 34 lives.

Bridging Newcastle Gateshead a 15 year project set up to tackle problems caused by unpopular and abandoned housing and the effect it has on local communities is helping to implement a neighbourhood renewal strategy to improve the Sunderland Road area. This includes: Clearing and redevelopment the north of Sunderland Road. An improvement programme to homes on the south of Sunderland Road was helped by community action Work is underway in the Oban Terrace area benefiting from £73m Pathfinder money. Work involves stone and brick cleaning, door and window replacement, boundary wall replacement, improvements to the appearance of rear yards and back lanes. This together with future building works will undoubtedly help the community.

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