feeping creaturism

Feature creep

Feature creep (or feeping creaturism) is the proliferation of features in a product such as computer software. Extra features go beyond the basic function of the product and so can result in baroque over-complication rather than simple, elegant design.


The most common cause of feature creep is the desire to provide the consumer with a more useful or desirable product, in order to increase sales. However, once the point at which a product does everything that it is expected to do is reached, the manufacturer is left with the choice of adding unneeded functions or sticking with the old product.


Feature creep is the most common source of cost and schedule overruns. It thus endangers and can even kill products and projects. Apple's abandoned Copland operating system is an example of this.


Feature creep may be actively controlled by rigorous change management and by delaying changes to later delivery phases of a project.

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