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Curtiss Maldoon

Curtiss Maldoon (Dave Curtiss, Clive Maldoon (real name: Skinner)) is a singer-songwriter duo from England.

Madonna's "Ray of Light" is based on the duo's track "Sepheryn," although beyond the first verse, the comparisons are loose.

Their first L.P. features Bobby Woodman (drums), Steve Howe (lead guitar), Tony Ashton, and musicians from Mighty Baby: Roger Powell ...


  • You Make Me Happy / Amber Man (non LP track) Regal Zonophone RZ 3038. UK. July 1971
  • Curtiss Maldoon: "Curtiss Maldoon" - Purple Records TPS 3501, Oct 1971 (also issued on Capitol ST 880 in America): Man From Afghanistan, Fly Like An Eagle, So Nice, Long Long Time, Ibiza Beach Song, Warm On The Ridge, Sepheryn, I'm Waiting, You Make Me Happy (And You Make Me Sad), Find A Little Peace
  • Maldoon: "Maldoon" - Purple TPS 3502, Nov 1973 (also issued on Warner Bros. BS2706 in America): Ballad Of Lots Road, You Were A Friend, It Still Feels Sore, Clouds In My Hair, Sit & Talk About It, One Way Ticket, All The Time

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