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Feel the Magic: XY/XX

Feel the Magic: XY/XX, known in Japan as and in Europe and Australia as Project Rub is a minigame video game compilation developed by Sonic Team's UGA Division and published by Sega for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It was first released in North America, and was later released in Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Feel the Magic: XY/XX was originally announced at E3 2004 under its code name, Project Rub. Then-executive managing director Yuji Naka said the title would place "an emphasis on controls using a Touch Screen, which will allow us to achieved the concept of 'rubbing,' a unique and fun gameplay mechanic made possible by the DS. We will investigate a wide-range of gaming elements unique to DS, so look forward to future SEGA titles. Game details and previews came much later, in October.

It follows the attempts of a young male protagonist to impress a young woman, aided by a group of people known as the "Rub Rabbits" into completing a series of minigames related to the plot. These minigames are all controlled by the touch screen and microphone, and often involve tapping, scribbling, and blowing into the microphone. On February 2, 2006, the game won the "Best Concept" award at the 2006 Imagina Games Awards. Game Informer has named the game one of the top ten weirdest of all time.


Feel the Magic: XY/XX is played solely with the stylus and microphone, and features a voice recognition system through both speaking and breathing. It is composed of several minigames that are loosely linked, as the player tries to impress the girl.

There are three main modes of play. Story mode is the main mode which contains the minigames in each chapter with three levels of difficulty, 'Normal', 'Hard', and 'Hell'. Memories is a gameplay mode where one can play any of the previous minigames previously beaten. Stars can be collected in Memories, that can unlock certain pieces of clothing. The third mode, Maniac, is where one is able to take all the articles of clothing earned during the game to dress up the girl.

There are other features in the game. It can be played in English or Japanese, allowing it to be import friendly. 'Hidden Rabbits' can be collected in the cutscenes through Story mode, and after collecting enough, clothing can be unlocked. There are 60 Hidden Rabbits. After completing the game, the Sound Test is unlocked, where the sound effects and music can be listened to. Feel the Magic: XY/XX has automatic saves.


A followup titled was released on October 20, 2005 in Japan. The North American (and European) version was titled The Rub Rabbits! and released in February 2006 (February the 10th in Europe). It does not star the protagonist of this game; rather, the game focuses on the Rub Rabbit leader as the main protagonist, with the story taking place before he forms the Rub Rabbits.


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